Hello there!
I'm Yesica.

I'm a Makeup artist Specialist

About me

I am a freelance Makeup Artist. My love for makeup began at an early age. Makeup has been that little touch of magic that always helped when I felt insecure. Even though I was doing makeup here and there throughout the years, 2021 was the turning point for me. I lost my Full time job due to covid and that's when I decided to dedicate myself to my true passion. I started working for a bridal makeup company where I obtained a lot of experience with bridal make up. I fell in love with the environment and the appreciation the clients have for my work. I came across the opportunity to take classes with JazzyBeaty and didn't think twice. I have always admired her work. Jazzy is very humble and taught me a lot of new techniques. She also helped me gain the confidence that I needed to keep growing in the makeup Industry. I'm excited for what the future holds

A little taste of my work