Hello there!
I'm Iren.

I'm a Hair & Makeup artist Specialist

About me

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic so being able to be a part of one of the biggest days in someone’s life is a blessing for me, which is why I love bridal so much. Makeup is creativity, a statement, fun, healing, bold, scandalous, beautiful, transforming, and for anyone! That’s why I do it with love and great passion. Every person has something uniquely beautiful and makeup helps me bring that out for my clients. What makes makeup better? An amazing hairstyle! I’ve always loved the beauty industry because of how empowering the community in itself is. It’s our responsibility as artists to not only draw on a flawless eyeliner and make your hair so luscious but bring out the inner strength and confidence you deserve, which is the most fulfilling aspect of it all.

A little taste of my work